What is this page?
This page has pictures (screen captures) taken during the "Curevision sessions", some nice hi-tech (??) thing the band The Cure did for their fans... using cuseeme, a videoconference software (more info about cuseeme in the proper link).
While recording the single "Wrong Number" for the "Galore" CD, they put this camera at the studio, made some funny faces and even chatted with us (even Robert !!).
What else can you find here?
This page also have pictures of people that are users of the several IRC chat rooms, and people that were in almost all the Curevision sessions. Some of them disappeared since the curevision sessions ended, but i kept their pictures anyway.
There are also some "alternative" pictures from non-official Curevision sessions and some funny moments (we still use cuseeme a lot)...
Also here you can see some pics of shows that were broadcasted on Internet (Cure, Bauhaus, Kiss) (using Real Audio/Video)... and some other non-cuseeme pix.
There are some other Cure-related links too... and that's all
Have fun!

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People´s Page (sorry i don´t have pics of everyone!!)
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My cure bootlegs page (always under construction)
Wrong Number "making of" pic
Robert Smith watching a soccer game in Brazil in 1987
Some pics that could really be the Wrong Number cover art...
Robert Smith in Brazil #2
"Best 86 Band Award", Bizz magazine, brazil, 1987
Pics from the NYC Halloween show
One more
Robert Smith in Brazil #1
Robert Smith in Brazil (?) #3
Siouxsie - Brazilian Tour 1987
Robert, NYC, 1986/7 (?)
You won't find MP3 here. I have a few of these files, email me if you want something (i can do some MP3 from the Rio 1996 show, but only under request, and for trading)
Sex-eye "drung" make-up and lipsticks © Jewlz, Penguin and Violator & others (alphabetical order.. sorry girls) 1997

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